PS5 Home Screen Concept

Before the user interface of the new PS5 was shown, I decided to create a simple and nice looking (at least in my opinion) version of what the new Home-Screen of the PS5 should look like.

I took a lot of inspiration from modern interface design, such as the square design of tiles, but rounding their corners in order to make them look more modern. The design is very functional as well, including more info on the screen, as well as including button prompts, controller charge indicators, etc.



Playstation (Sony) is a strong brand, and has certain values and styles associated with it. Since their soft rebrading during the PS4 era focused a bit more on simplicity and clean shape language, I tried to use these aspects in my designs.
Users don’t want to be bothered by the user interface of a game console, but rather empowered to play (and sometimes see their achievements, etc.). Because of this, I tried to put the main focus on the games, and adapt this to the background as well, making it seem like the user is already in the game.
The interface should be intriguing, but not overwhelming. The information should be clearly laid out and grouped into sectors, making it easy for users to direct their focus to the section of the screen they are interested in.