Apple Music Others Listening Concept

This was a very quick exploration of a tiny feature addition to Apple Music – an indicator of how many people are also listening to the same song right at that moment.

The idea for this feature came to me during my morning commute to work, listening to music as I do on most days. While I had my AirPods in my ears and was somewhat removed from my surroundings (at least audibly), I wondered what other people would be listening to, or how many people listened to the same song as I was.

I wanted this feature to be very minimal, not taking up much space on the screen. Since the music screen already does not offer too much free space, I decided to place it below the progression bar, since it seemed to fit best there (I also made an exploration where a more condensed counter would appear next to the song title, but this would lead to issues with songs that have longer titles).

The feature itself is supposed to be a somewhat social feature, but should be a toggle within the Apple Music settings, since I am sure not everybody would care for an information like this.

Final Mockups