Locker Rainbow Six Siege

The locker is a new and exciting feature getting added to Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege in Year 9 Season 1 of the game’s live service model.

The main goal of the feature is to give both existing and new players a way to look at their collection of cosmetics in a comprehensive way, being able to enter different item categories, as well as sort their items by different rules.

Another feature added by us was the “Latest” category, in which players are able to check on the last items they got rewarded, coming from all different sources in the game (shop, battle packs, battle pass, etc.).

My favorite feature is the addition of favorites, which allows the player to tag any item they want as a favorite, adds a little heart icon to the item tile, and lets them find those items easier in other parts of the game!

My Tasks

As one of two ux designers on this feature, my responsibilities included everything from initial greyboxing and layout explorations, to higher-fidelity mockups in cooperation with ui art to communicate to stakeholders and share in documentation, as well as support implementation all the way to release.

I also created a very extensive prototype within Figma for an external user test via Ubisoft’s own user research lab.

Final Result

Goals / Objectives

The main goal of Siege’s locker was very clear – a lot of players have a lot of items in their possession, and no central page to view all of them. The locker was supposed to act as an overview page of all items a player owns, and provide them with the tools to manage and sort their collection.
Not only was the locker supposed to give players and overview of their items, but we also wanted to allow them to manage their collection through intuitive tools, such as sorting and a new favorite system that allows the player to add an item to their favorites-list and find these items more easily in different areas of the game.
Siege Identity
While this feature adds new functionality to the game, it was supposed to be clearly Siege-styled, making use of components already present in the game, adding to those and following already established design rules.

Feature Demo

I can only share the final in-game version of this feature.

In the video above, I will navigate the locker in a live build of the game, showing my personal in-game locker.

What the People Think

That's so much better than searching through the ops! No this is actually sick. This is a good change, I like this.


That's actually a really good change. Guys, you can finally sort your skins. Year 9 is the year of Siege!

Content Creator

Do you know how badly I need this? Oh my god, I've been praying for this. (...) Thank the lord!

Content Creator
The Locker is available in the game since Year 9 Season 1 - Operation Deadly Omen
Release date: March 12th, 2024