KEAL Studio Web Presence & Branding

KEAL Studio is a new digital art outsourcing studio. I was tasked with creating the entire visual identity (except for the logo) of the studio, especially their website and parts of their branding.

My Tasks

  • Create a comprehensive website for an art outsourcing studio, communicating core information quickly and easily, without requiring customers to have to search for information
  • Focus on simple visuals while still having a unique visual style representing the studio and its work, infused with a strong militaristic/tactical look
  • Create a desktop, tablet and mobile version of their website to ensure the best browsing experience on every device
  • Create branding material, as well as team clothing (designs for t-shirts and hoodies)



KEALs website should be one thing first and foremost – be informative and don’t waste the clients time by drawing their eyes to elements not necessary or relevant.
Visually Appealing
The design should be really simple, using the minimal amount of colors necessary while still having a unique visual style representing the studio and its work.
KEAL Studio has a strong identity, with its team members drawing from years of experience from different shooter titles, such as the Call of Duty IP. Because of this, KEAL wanted to have a strongly militaristic/tactical identity, hence the use of muted colors, the topographic line map, etc.

Apparel Design

On top of working on the website design for KEAL Studio, I also created various apparel design pieces for the team to send to print services for team merch.