Google Stadia UI Mockup

After first hearing about Google Stadia, a ton of ideas for User Interfaces popperd into my head! Since I always have to do some kind of Graphical Mockup every time I see some cool idea or come up with something, I had to make a Mockup for this Platform as well. I took heavy inspiration from the Design of Netflix and utilised the Color Gradient of Stadias Logo and also used Googles Icon Font for this, since I wanted to stay somewehat true to Googles Design Language!

EXPLORE - Section:
This is the EXPLORE-section of my Mockup.
Inside of this section, the user would be recommended up to 4 games. These suggestions will be calculated from Gaming Preferences - similar to the Movie Suggestions from Netflix!
BROWSE & MY GAMES - Section:
These are 2 different sections inside the User Interface.
The BROWSE-section is a list of all available games. Games that are already in your library will be ticked off while the game you have currently selected will be highlighted with a Gradient!
The MY GAMES-section will be like a User Library. It will store all the games that you have played.