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I am a huge fan of the Star Wars universe, having watched all of the movies and series multiple times, as well as having played most current titles set in the franchise. After the latest Star Wars: Battlefront II game, I got the urge of creating my own vision of a user interface for a new attempt of the formula. As much as I loved playing Battlefront II, I wanted a Star Wars game to be more like the Battlefield-series, being more gritty and grounded.

This is why I created a mock-gameplay screenshot including a Battlefield 1 background and a Star Wars: Battlefront I gun to set the tone of the game. Afterwards, I tried to create a minimal, yet informative user interface, which would emphasize the grounded feeling of the game. One of the unique features of the game should be the hologram intel, which would appear from time to time, giving players more information on the current match, as well as appearing reinforcements.

For the sake of demonstration and showing the user interface in action, I prepared a short video in which I overlay my user interface on top of gameplay from Star Wars: Battlefront I. This video was created in Adobe Premiere, while the UI elements themselves were created in Adobe XD and Photoshop.



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