Rave Cage Carnage

Rave Cage Carnage is being developed by Tonkotsu Games, a startup founded in the heart of Berlin. Being a Co-Founder, Game Designer and Marketing Manager, I wear a lot of hats, but manage to fulfil all of them on a professional level.

Rave Cage Carnage is a rhythm-based action ability slasher set in an absurd fighting competition in the Metrodome. It is set to be a rogue-lite with a unique fashion system, in which you can buy and equip the craziest pieces of clothing to your player.
As one eight of the founding team of Tonkotsu Games, I handled most of the core gameplay design, together with my partner that handled a lot of the UX design.
Over the course of our studio time, we created a handful of prototypes, as well as polish the one we liked most to be what is now known as Rave Cage Carnage.
Additionally, I created almost all UI layouts, and elements, and also helped our art director design and implement our unique fashion system, in which the player could play a fashion-meta-game, in which wearing the appropriate outfit for the situation would reward the player with points to unlock new fashion items, such as headgear, clothing, or even new weapon looks.
As soon as I am allowed to, I will also publish the design documents that we created for this project.