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Before the user interface of the new PS5 was shown, I decided to create a simple and nice looking (at least in my opinion) version of what the new Home-Screen of the PS5 should look like.
I took a lot of inspiration of modern interface design, such as the square design of titles, but rounding their corners in order to make them look more modern. The design is very functional a well, including more info on the screen, as well as including button prompts, controller charge indicators, etc.


Detail Inspection

The selected game is bigger than the other titles in the library. This is to put the focus on it. Additionally, it has a thick white outline and glow around it to support this visual language. Additionally, the game cover shows whether or not a disk is required to play the game and if the disk is inserted or not.
Users can create groups on their home screen, putting multiple games and apps into the folder. When selecting the folder, games will be shown as a list below the folder.
Since the PS5 was announced to be backwards compatible with PS4 games as well, I wanted to include some kind of indicator to show which games are PS4 titles.
The home screen should always show the battery status of all selected controllers.

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