I love making presentations! There is just something about standing in front of the crowd and showing progress or sharing something you are really interested in. My main goal with my presentations is to have as little text as possible on my slides and have bold captions and form-filling images. I also put a lot of emphasis on speaking freely, so I never take any notes to a presentation with me!
S I L E N T   S U R G E O N
'Silent Surgeon' is a project that came together in a project week in University. It was made by 2 people within 5 days. I also built a custom controller for the project.
B E R L I N   2 0 3 5   M I L E S T O N E   P R E S E N T A T I O N
This is the Milestone Presentation of 'BERLIN 2035'. For this deadline, we had to finish all systems that we planned for the project and show how far we have come already. We were also supposed to show Gameplay for it.
B I O S H O C K   I N F I N I T E ' S   S T O R Y T E L L I N G   B Y   L E V E L   D E S I G N
This is a presentation for which I had to analyse the Storytelling of 'Bioshock Infinite'. It was created for a course about Narrative Design, so I looked at the Storytelling that its Environment provided.
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