A gruesome tale spun from a classical fairy tale. Discover what happened on this mission ship and find out more about the mysterious Panacea.

Made by: Nikolas Joshua Klein, Sam Luckhardt, Carlo Di Paolo, Alexander von Anhalt
My Roles: Game DesignProgramming, UI Artist
Development Tools: Unity, Maya, Photoshop, BitBucket, GitKraken, Trello
Development Time: ~12 weeks / ~2 hours per day
My main responsibilities for this project include Programming things like Player Input (Walking, Orientation, Interactions), our Inventory System in which you could play back the Audiologs you pick up in the level, gating (doors locked by keycards or pin codes and spore fields which could only be crossed with a Gas Mask) and UI Integration!
Although this was my first digital University Project, development went very smooth and we are very happy with how the game turned out!