Fight your way through the Metrodome - an absurd slaughter-competition, all while staying on beat to cause maximum damage!

Made by: Nikolas Joshua Klein, Sam Luckhardt, Carlo Di Paolo, Maximilian Pichler, Hanna Borbola, Mascha Camino, Zoe Koc, Julia Hein, Benjamin Grill, Reika Sofia Valdes
My Roles: Game Design, Combat Design, Programming
Development Tools: Unity, zBrush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Maya, Photoshop, BitBucket, GitKraken, Trello
Development Time: ~12 weeks / ~3 hours per day
METRODOME came together in a project course hosted by Peter Holzapfel, a former AAA Game Designer.
In this project, we wanted to have the biggest team possible, so we gathered as 10 people and started brainstorming ideas. In the end, we hugely overscoped, but made the project work and be incredibly fun in the end!
We liked the project so much that we are continuing development on it under the new name "Rave Cage Carnage" in full time!