Made by: Nikolas Klein, Natalia Scigulla, Annika Schwab, Katarina Mitrovic & Paul Schulz
My responsibilities: Programmer, Game Designer, Systems Designer
Tools: Unity3D, Maya, PhotoshopBitBucketGitKrakenTrello
Development Time: ~12 weeks /~ 1-2 hours per day
Maniac Minions is a Local Co-Op Game supervised by my Professor Sebastian Stamm.
It is a local Arena Game in which 2 teams each consisting of 2 players need to grab items as fast as possible and delivering them, while also blasting their enemies with bombs - fun for the entire family!​​​​​​​
M Y   R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S
The development process of Maniac Minions was very mixed. It started off as an entirely different project and constantly changed its main mechanics. At some point, I took over the wheel and set fixed boundaries in which the team should operate.
After some iterations, we were able to settle for our current Gameplay Loop, so we could build out all the features required!
I also coded most of the Gameplay, but close to the end, I got support from Natalia Scigulla who worked out a lot of UI integration and Animation Integration!​​​​​​​

M Y   W O R K   I N C L U D E D
- creating the first iteration of gamepad-based movement for all four players
- the combining-mechanic in which 2 objects would be combined into a new one (this was unfortunately cut from the final build)
- creating a Game Manager (handling player score, deaths, game-states & bomb-pool)
- creating a Round Manager (handling round duration, round points & arena-layouts for each round)
- linking UI to game-relevant exposed values
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