Maniac Minions

Play as Teams of 2 against each other, collectiong Items, delivering them to the Evil Scientist and blasting each other with Bombs - fun for the entire family!

Made by: Nikolas Joshua Klein, Annika Schwab, Natalia Scigulla, Katarina Mitrovic, Paul Schulz
My Roles: Game Design, Programming, Systems Design
Development Tools: Unity, Maya, Photoshop, BitBucket, GitKraken, Trello
Development Time: ~12 weeks / ~1-2 hours per day
The Development Process of Maniac Minions was very mixed. It started off as an entirely different project and constantly changed its main mechanics. At some point, I took over the wheel and set fixed boundaries in which the team could operate.
After some iterations, we were able to settle for our current Gameplay Loop, so we could build out all the features required!
I also coded most of the Gameplay, such as our Movement System for all four players, the Combining Mechanic in which 2 objects would be combined into a new one (this was unfortunately cut in the end) and also things such as a Game Manager (Player Score, Game-States) and Round Manager (Round Duration, Arena Layouts)!