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Before Google Stadia was released, I wanted to explore a concept I had in mind for its User Interface.

First off, I started gathering references from other digital rental services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Based on these designs, I created the first layouts and instantly started to like them. My main focus for this mockup was simplicity – I wanted to have bold images and a constant representation of Stadia’s color-scheme.


Detail Inspection

Since the platform is a streaming platform, it will show the platform it will be streamed from (in this case, Xbox).
A recommendation feature, similar to Netflix – it shows the release year, age rating and the match to the user’s preferences.
Pagination indicator, showing 4 featured games in the current rotation.
Screen covering background image of the inspected game.
Short description about the game in order to give interested players an idea of what to expect when launching the title.
Game cover – this is one of the elements that mostly draws peoples eyes.
Quick actions – play for launching the game, and a thumbs up and down to allow players to show their preferences. This will affect the algorithm in order to suggest new fitting games and hide unfitting games.