Dwerve is a story-driven tower defense dungeon crawler RPG. When an ancient foe emerges once again, a young tinkerer unearths magical stones to power arcane technologies — turrets and traps.

Dwerve is a story-driven tower defense dungeon crawler RPG. The unique mix of these genres creates an exciting project to both work on, and play. Paying homage to classic SNES titles, and using modern engine-capabilities, it has gathered a big following since its first public showing.
I joined Half Human Games in late 2019 to help out with game design of Dwerve.
Since starting there, I helped design upgrade systems (player systems as well as tower-upgrades), enemies (including bosses) and further content for future content updates (most likely DLC).
I contributed to the team right until before they launched their Kickstarter campaign. For this, I also helped concept some of the reward tiers, as well as give feedback to already existing ones.