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I joined the BFME: Reforged-team in September 2020 to be responsible for some UX design aspects for the game’s backend. My main responsibilities included proposing designs for things, such as the game’s launcher and other functional interfaces inside and outside of the game.

Admin Panel

Since the BFME: Reforged planned to build up a completely custom backend for their project, they also wanted to have an admin panel to have an overview over the game’s health, server status and player status (active, banned, password reset requested, etc.). I tried to combine a modern, flat design language with some elements taken from Lord of the Rings, including the custom font used in the movies.

eMail Design

I also worked on multiple designs for various eMails that will be sent out to users, including for eMails to reset the user’s password in case they request a reset link.


Next to the Admin Panel & eMail Design that I worked on for BFME: Reforged, I also explored multiple log-in/register screens for their proprietary launcher.