Made by: Nikolas Klein, Carlo Di Paolo & Sarah Junger
My responsibilities: Programmer, Systems Designer, UI Artist, Level Designer
Tools: Unity3D, Maya,
Development Time: ~12 weeks /~ 2 hours per day
BERLIN 2035 is a Free Project, supervised by our Study Leader Csongor Baranyai.
It is an isometric low-poly agent/deduction game set in Berlin in the year 2035. The most important aspect of the game are dialogues with NPCs. You will not have pre-written answers for the dialogue, but have to type in your own answers and ask the questions you want answers for!
In this project, we try to demonstrate the vision we have of the near future and of Berlin.
M Y   R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S
My main responsibilities for this project include Systems Design, Programming every aspect of the game, UI Art and also Level Building.
As we try and keep an amazing atmosphere within our project and team, I give my best to solve any discussion or confrontation as fast and as comfortable as possible! Until now, I only received positive feedback! :)​​​​​​​
M Y   W O R K   I N C L U D E D
- building out a complex interrogation system from the ground up
linking multiple dynamic data-lists together for building logical sentence-combinations
- modular scripts to ease Level-Designers workflow
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