Experience our vision of Future Berlin in the year 2035. You play as an agent and have to deduct NPCS in order to build your case statements with our unique Dialogue System!

Made by: Nikolas Joshua Klein, Carlo Di Paolo,
My Roles: Systems Design, Programming, UI Art, Level Design
Development Tools: Unity, Maya, Photoshop, BitBucket, GitKraken, Trello
Development Time: ~12 weeks / ~2 hours per day
My main responsibilities for this project include Systems Design, Programming every aspect of the game, UI Art and also Level Building.
As a Programmer, I built out a complex interrogation system from the ground up and also learnt how to link multiple dynamic data-lists together for building logical sentence-combinations.
As we were a small Team, I also dived into Unity Editor Scripting and made a tool which would help speed up our Level Designer's workflow!
As we try and keep an amazing atmosphere within our project and team, I give my best to solve any discussion or confrontation as fast and as comfortable as possible! Until now, I only received positive feedback! :)