Bachelor Project

For my Bachelor Project, I designed and implemented a combat system for a third person action adventure game inside of the Unreal Engine 4. The main pillars of this system were grounded combat and heavy physical impact.

The focus of my Bachelor Thesis was the design and development of combat systems in third person melee-focused video games. For the project part of my thesis, I decided to design a combat system, protoype the core of it in a testbed, and lastly polish it to an extent to where it would be presentable and enjoyable.
The core pillars of this project included Grounded Combat, as well Heavy Physical Impact. Inside of the prototype, the player can use both the fists and a sword. However, the main focus of development and polish was on the fist combat, which got the most attention in terms of sounds, animations, etc.
If you are interested in reading the thesis that goes along with this project, you can read it here.